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Sinzer and Aleron kick-start their work for the Impact Management Programme for Age UKs and Age Concerns in Kent

Posted by Emma Verheijke on Jun 8, 2018 3:23:13 PM
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We are pleased to announce that we are kicking off a new impact management project for the consortium of Age UKs (AUKs) and Age Concerns in Kent, a group of charities providing services to elderly people across the county. The consortium has secured a grant for impact management through the Growth Strand of Access Impact Management Programme which will be spend on improving impact management process, systems and culture across the consortium. As approved provider of the Access Impact Management Programme, Sinzer will once more partner with London-based consultancy Aleron to support the consortium in this process, following a previous joint assignment in 2016.

Building on the ‘Kent Impact Model’

Building on the existing KIM impact framework (more info here), the grant will be used to: ‘enable the consortium to create a genuinely comprehensive impact framework across AUKs in Kent, which will require both further conceptual design work around outcomes and external data, enhancement of our existing Sinzer system, and extensive “cultural change”.’

Linking wellbeing outcomes to NHS data

Ambitions for the project are high: we will explore incorporating external outcomes data from the National Health Services in the existing system, to compare wellbeing outcomes to health outcomes. Moreover, we intend to benchmark data collected by other organisations using the Warwick-Edinburgh Mental Wellbeing Scale (WEMWBS) in order to compare the scores of Age UKs in Kent with a national benchmark.

For the coming year AUKs in Kent will work Aleron and Sinzer to use the grant for improving the existing KIM in what – going forward – will be called the ‘KIM Improvement Project’. This project will run from 1 May 2018 to 1 May 2019. Stay tuned for further updates. Questions about the Impact Management Programme or our work for this client can be addressed to Emma Verheijke via

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