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Free demo: SROI survey use

Posted by David Karemaker on Jul 4, 2017 3:05:07 PM

SROI Survey.png

The demo gives you a 23-min walkthrough of how to work with surveys to gather data for your SROI analysis. We support a range of different research methods such as

  • collect prospective data with your target audience to underpin your SROI forecast
  • collect retrospective data to do a project evaluation
  • collect and automatically calculate the difference between two measurements for each individual: one before and one after your project
  • surveying only a sample of your participants or surveying all of them

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The SROI framework is built specifically to support your Social Return On Investment analysis and is currently the only tool accredited by ‘Social Value International’. It facilitates an established method that applies ‘social accounting principles’ such as attribution, drop-off and displacement effects. An SROI analysis helps you to forecast your social impact as well as to monitor and evaluate it by involving your stakeholders via the survey tool.  

Interested in learning more on SROI? You can download our Beginners Guide and/or Step 2 Step Guide or follow the SROI Practitioner training which we organise together with Social Value International on 12/13 September 2017 in Amsterdam. More info you can find here

If you wish to get a live demo of our product (via Skype) in which we can also demonstrate other impact management frameworks, you can register here.


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