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Tech for good: how much impact is Tunga's impact sourcing creating?  

Posted by Emma Verheijke on May 25, 2017 12:28:39 PM
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Last week Amsterdam's Westerpark hosted the annual 'Next Web conference', of which this year's edition featured a special program for 'impact start-ups'. The aim of this program was to shine a spotlight on entrepreneurs and startups that are taking on the world’s most difficult challenges.

Tunga - an impact sourcing platform that links African software developers to international tech firms - was present and wrote an insightful blog about the current 'Tech for good' landscape: "Tech for Good: will Impact Sourcing be the new Fair Trade?" In this blogpost Ernesto Spruyt, Tunga's founder, outlines how the landscape has evolved from fair trade to impact sourcing and impact investing, and the potential that the latter two hold. 

Also mentioned in this blog is the emphasis Tunga places on backing up impact sourcing activities with an impact measurement strategy, an element Sinzer is currently supporting Tunga with: 

Tunga is working with Sinzer on developing an impact measurement strategy. We want it ourselves, but it’s also appreciated by the organizations that currently support us, such as Dioraphte, Oxfam and the DOEN foundation. And we’re looking to raise money from impact investors, for them it’s important to be able to quantify impact.”

Curious about the evolvement, trends and future of the fair trade and impact sourcing landscape? Read the full blog here!


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