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Four cool Dutch startups by female founders

Posted by Marlon van Dijk on Jul 2, 2015 12:14:00 PM


StartupJuncture is a blog about all things related to Dutch startups. They recently posted a blog about four cool Dutch startups by female founders of which Sinzer is one of them.

Female founders in tech are not completely uncommon, but men are certainly better represented. Whatever the reasons, not many women choose to start a tech business. Time for us to spotlight five female founders from four different startups. What kind of startup do they run? And how do they feel in a sector dominated by men?

Sinzer – Marlon van Dijk

Sinzer is a software platform for measuring societal impact and was founded by Marlon van Dijk. It offers templates, databases and data-entry options, which will help organizations to assess societal impact.

Van Dijk: “Take the example of ‘care farms’, which are farms where people who are having difficulties participating in society, for example because of psychiatric illness or dementia, can spend the day. If an elderly person with dementia goes to such a farm, this has an impact on the person him- or herself: he or she probably feels less lonely. But it also has an impact on society, because this person might be able to keep living in his or her own house longer. This reduces costs, so health insurance companies and the municipality benefit from it.”

“If a care farm would like to assess societal impact, it is important to look at the impact on all of the stakeholders, in this case the client, family, municipality, general practitioner, health insurance company etc. Using our software platform, people from a care farm can enter and collect these data and assess the overall impact themselves. This helps them improve their impact and be accountable.”

Read the whole blog here.




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