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8 steps to becoming an impact investor with Sinzer

Posted by Menko Busch on 6 August 2015


More and more people are beginning to understand that impact investing will become a big part of the future of finance. Currently, over 1200 asset owners and investment managers responsible for 60 trillion dollar have become signatories of the UN Principles for Responsible Investments. That’s over 30% of total funds under management!

But have you ever wondered how an investor becomes an impact investor?

Watch this video for a short introduction about social impact investing:


Impact investors are doing well by doing good. Because they focus on creating social value (as well as financial value), they encounter less resistance from stakeholders. They can also benefit from partnering with governments, resulting in social impact bonds, public-private partnerships and favourable regulations. 

At first, impact investors worked with blacklists of weapon manufacturers and polluting industries that should be avoided. Instead of this negative screening, some started to create white lists, consisting of organizations that they favoured. After this process, the investment managers could focus on maximizing the financial return of the impact investments.

But this still doesn’t verify the impact of the investment. According to Tomi Nummela (Head of Implementation Support at the UN Principles for Responsible Investment), the differences between “ordinary” investing and impact investing are found in Intention and Measurement.

Simply put, an impact investor wants to have a social impact and measures to verify the results and check whether they are achieving the envisioned impact. We have developed a 4-page guide that outlines the steps to achieve this. 

Want to learn more about becoming an impact investor, and how the Sinzer tool can support you in this? Click the button below to read the guide (and please don’t forget to share)!

> The Beginners Guide to Impact Investing

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