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SDG Impact template: start measuring your contribution to the SDGs

Posted by Marlon van Dijk on 20 December 2017

Impact investing with the purpose of contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals is still in its infancy. One of the main obstacles in this field, is how to measure the impact that these investments create. In order to help the sector achieve some standardization, the Sustainable Finance Platform – chaired by the Dutch Central Bank (DNB) – formed a Working Group on SDG impact measurement.

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Sinzer’s solution for strategic impact management

Posted by David Karemaker on 1 April 2016


Sinzer software was initially focussed on the ‘standardized’ Social Return on Investment (SROI) methodology for social impact measurement. We developed and keep on improving our software solution for SROI that is now an international standard, reviewed by Social Value International

Many of our customers and prospects are less focussed on the SROI method for impact measurement. They have been developing their own impact measurement framwork to match their specific needs. Early 2015 Sinzer introduced a first version of the Strategic Impact Framework (SIF). This framework is now maturing as features are added for the different customers using it. SIF now allows for many types of applications for impact management.

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5 steps to stay flexible when you use standard impact metrics

Posted by Menko Busch on 11 September 2015

What sets you apart? How do you compare to others in your line of work? Why should we invest in you? Impact investors often ask these questions, but don't always have sufficient data with regard to impact to inform their decisions.

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8 steps to becoming an impact investor with Sinzer

Posted by Menko Busch on 6 August 2015


More and more people are beginning to understand that impact investing will become a big part of the future of finance. Currently, over 1200 asset owners and investment managers responsible for 60 trillion dollar have become signatories of the UN Principles for Responsible Investments. That’s over 30% of total funds under management!

But have you ever wondered how an investor becomes an impact investor?

Watch this video for a short introduction about social impact investing:

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