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Progress out of Poverty Index indicators now available in Sinzer

Posted by Emma Verheijke on 18 March 2016

Sinzer recently announced a formal Data Partnership with the Global Value Exchange (GVE). In order to inform you of the GVE’s data and how your organisation can use this, we are presenting a series of blogs with more detailed information about the data sources GVE uses to extract outcomes, indicators and valuations from. This week we highlight the Progress out of Poverty Index™ (PPI), from which 600 poverty indicators have been added to the GVE database. As a result of our data partnership with the GVE, these 600 poverty indicators are now available on the Sinzer platform!

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How social impact measurement can help scale your social enterprise

Posted by Emma Verheijke on 3 December 2015

“Impact Matters” was the message we helped deliver during Impact Hub and Ashoka’s event last week in Vienna, aimed at informing social entrepreneurs about social impact and social impact measurement, and why no social entrepreneur should go without.


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Topics: Impact measurement, Social enterprise, impact measurement software, Scaling

How to measure and account for social impact?

Posted by Marlon van Dijk on 27 November 2015


That was the central question of last weeks Round Table we co-organized with Deloitte. Together with 25 professionals from different sectors – impact investors, philanthropists, social enterprises and NGO’s- we shared experiences on the topic of impact measurement and how to account for it.

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Topics: Impact measurement, Social impact, Accountability, Social Return on Investment, Impact investing, Social accounting, Social impact management, impact measurement software, Social Value

How can corporates integrate social impact in their core business?

Posted by Marlon van Dijk on 30 October 2015

The connection between business and society is a popular topic. The social and environmental issues we face on a global level are becoming so significant that there are plenty of business opportunities in contributing to solving them. This is not only interesting from a risk and reputation management perspective. Sustainability can be a platform for profitable growth while solving wicked social issues.

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Topics: Value, Social impact, Social accounting, philanthropy, IR, Integrated Reporting, impact measurement software, Social Value

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