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Impact measurement templates ready for you to compile your own!

Posted by David Karemaker on 14 December 2017

Sinzer impact management tool in action

We hear from many organisations that they find it difficult to start the process of measuring their impact. Some of the questions to ask may seem straightforward at first, but can in reality be complex to answer: Who are my beneficiaries? What is my Theory of Change? What is the impact I create and how do I get into a measuring & improving cycle?

Sinzer has been operating in this field for close to 10 years now and we’ve worked with quite a few organisations in different domains to define their specific impact. This has resulted in a wealth of knowledge and examples of custom measurement frameworks.

We found that just browsing through existing frameworks is very helpful in the early stages of defining your impact. We also found that we were often re-using a collection of standardized scales and indicators for specific outcomes such as Wellbeing or Quality of life.   


Sinzer tool

Many of these frameworks and standardized scales have, over the years, become part of our customer communities in the bespoke Sinzer tool. It’s a tool we’ve created for defining and measuring impact. You can use this tool independently but we can also operate it for you.

It’s used to...

  • define and categorise indicators,
  • collect data manually or via email surveys with beneficiaries or investees
  • Aggregate and analyse the data and
  • Share the data by giving access to stakeholders or export/report on the data.


Sharing actionable templates and scales

And now we’re ready to share the knowledge with you! 
We’ve created a library in the tool that contains some of the most commonly used templates, indicators and scales. It will allow all of our customers to browse the templates and copy/paste validated scales and indicators that have proven themselves to work.

This way you can...

  • Be inspired by existing frameworks
  • Re-use knowledge by simply copy-pasting (parts) of the frameworks
  • Modify measurements to your needs
  • And... (in time) use anonymised benchmark data for even more insights*

*Benchmark data will be provided for indicators in the library that cross a usage threshold.

Sound interesting? Contact us for a demo or trial »


Sinzer impact measurement and data aggregation illustration 

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